National Campaign to Visit Tennessee Schools to Highlight Exemplary Literacy Instruction

The three-district school tour will showcase transformations in reading instruction as a result of the summer’s Early Reading Training and Secondary Literacy Training

The Knowledge Matters Campaign is excited to announce upcoming visits to three Tennessee school districts this fall to highlight their implementation of high-quality ELA curricula as well as their commitment to training their teacher force in the science of reading.

The campaign’s visit to Tennessee will capture and celebrate the stories of districts that serve as models of strong literacy instruction. Each of the districts selected has incorporated practices learned from the state’s Reading 360 Early Reading Training and Secondary Literacy Training conducted this summer.

Since 2018, the Knowledge Matters School Tour – whose motto is to “find the good and praise it” – has visited more than 25 districts across the country where educators are adopting evidence-based and engaging instruction. Each tour offers teachers and school leaders the opportunity to share with other educators what their learning journey has entailed. In the case of this visit to Tennessee, the tour will also highlight how the Early Reading Training and Secondary Literacy Training has helped them accelerate student learning.

“We are honored that the Knowledge Matters Campaign is returning to Tennessee,” said Lisa Coons, Chief Academic Officer at the Tennessee Department of Education. “These districts deserve to be lifted up and celebrated for their commitment to ensuring their students are receiving the strongest literacy instruction possible.”

“Our continued spotlight on Tennessee is absolutely warranted,” said Barbara Davidson, Executive Director of the Knowledge Matters Campaign. “The state is a national leader in providing Science of Reading training to its teachers and provides an example to the nation of how great training, coupled with high-quality curriculum, can positively impact students – which is especially important in our post-pandemic world. We visited three Tennessee school districts this spring and immediately knew there were more stories to tell. We cannot wait to tell them.”

The following districts will be visited. Media is invited to participate.

Tour Details

Murfreesboro City Schools: Wednesday, October 12 – Thursday, October 13, 2022

Hamilton County Schools: Monday, November 14 – Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Tipton County Schools: Thursday, December 1 – Friday, December 2, 2022

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About the Knowledge Matters Campaign

The Knowledge Matters Campaign is a project of StandardsWork, a non-profit advocacy organization that focuses on identifying high-impact levers that produce academic improvements, specifically the vital role curriculum plays in supporting teaching excellence, the importance of building deep background knowledge in students, and the “octane” that specific evidence-based instructional practices can provide. Through media campaigns, publications, blogs, and thought leadership, StandardsWork highlights the benefits of high-quality curriculum adoption and implementation, promotes research on the “curriculum effect,” and elevates educator voices in support of a curriculum renaissance.