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Help champion knowledge-building curriculum in all schools.

Educators, parents, and legislators can all play a role in promoting knowledge-rich instruction.

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Educator? You can:

  • Visit districts using knowledge-building curriculum. In addition to those featured on this website, we suggest consulting the Curriculum Matters Professional Learning Network.
  • Let leaders know of your frustration when not being supported by district-provided high-quality curriculum.
  • Become a student of the science of reading, including the important role played by knowledge.
  • Take every opportunity to engage students with important and interesting content and the vocabulary that describes it.

Parent? You can:

  • Find out if your school uses a knowledge-building curriculum and get involved in advocating for one if they don’t.
  • Become a champion for more social studies and science.
  • Take on a project of learning more about topics of interest to you and your child. Read quality books to them (even middle schoolers!) and engage in discussion about what you’re reading.

Policymaker? You can:

  • Visit districts and talk to educators using knowledge-building curricula to learn of their experience.
  • Conduct an audit of your existing ELA curriculum to determine how it stacks up on building knowledge.
  • Review textbook adoption policies to ensure high-quality, knowledge-building curricula aren’t being disadvantaged in adoption exercises (e.g., some policies make it hard to adopt curricula that use trade books).

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