Knowledge Ignites Literacy and Learning

Knowledge about the world fuels a child’s reading comprehension and critical thinking. We share stories from schools that use “knowledge-building” curricula from the earliest grades to inspiring effect.

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New model legislative language from our Scientific Advisory Committee

Just in time for legislative sessions happening across the country, our Scientific Advisory Committee offers model language for the next generation of state reading legislation to ensure reading comprehension receives attention alongside foundational reading skills.

Introducing the Knowledge Matters Review Tool

A Guide for Evaluating K-8 ELA Curriculum

Developed by literacy experts, the Knowledge Matters Review Tool helps to determine if an ELA curriculum is truly “content-rich” and aligned to research on the role that background knowledge plays in reading comprehension.

Knowledge Matters Podcast

New study guide for our podcast, as it hits 100,000 downloads

Reading Comprehension Revisited, the inaugural season of our podcast, has achieved 100,000 downloads – and counting! With six short episodes (which are roughly 30 minutes each), it is perfect for professional learning. Host Natalie Wexler has developed a new companion study guide in response to numerous requests from educators.

Every student deserves a knowledge-building literacy curriculum

To develop students’ reading comprehension muscles from the earliest grades, leading schools use English language arts (ELA) curricula that are carefully designed to build background knowledge in science, history, literature, and the arts, alongside sound foundational skills instruction.

Introducing all young children to rich disciplinary content and vocabulary levels the playing field for learning. Knowledge is like an interest-bearing savings account: the more you know, the faster you learn. Therefore, growing knowledge about the natural and human world in the early grades is an essential equity investment, and it sets the stage for a lifetime of critical inquiry and analysis.

Follow our School Tour into classrooms

Our Knowledge Matters School Tour has traveled the country visiting schools that use knowledge-building curricula, and we have been inspired in each district!

Hear classroom stories in our collection of School Tour videos and feature articles.

Learn more about the reasons #KnowledgeMatters

We collected helpful resources for understanding the importance of background knowledge to literacy and learning.